Progress and Efficiency.

IMG_3054I’m still figuring out the best layout for the new shop space, but already it’s a vast improvement in efficiency for building.  I was able to build a frame and fork in just a couple short days.  I still have finishing work as well as most of the braze-ons to add, but the bigger part is over now.  A few layout changes in the shop and I should be able to produce work even quicker still.

Pictured above is the long awaited bike for my wife.  I’ve prioritized other projects for the last couple years and she’s been incredibly patient.  After the first of the year, Britt will be able to ride around on her new Cycles J Bryant, just in time for some of the worst weather we get around here in the Pacific North West.  Hopefully I can get her to come along on one of our shop rides then…

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