The Road to Recovery.

Well, Knee surgery (repaired meniscus) went off without a hitch.  I started cycling again this week and it feels great to get the blood moving after sitting on the couch for most of the last 6 weeks.  I lost about 2 inches girth on the affected leg compared to the other one and that looks kinda weird, but it will come back.

Jan Heine posted something over at his blog about preparing for the 2011 season here.  I pretty much outlined what I’m doing on my last post, so I’m not going into that here.  I would like to add that Physical therapy has me doing many things that improve core strength and hip flexibility, something I think is important for any cyclist.  I feel its important to note that core-strength doesn’t mean sit-ups as that only addresses a different set of singular muscles.  Core-Strength is about the equal balance of your body’s trunk muscles.

For hip flexibility, I also like to include the “grok squat,” especially during pauses on long rides.  I think I’m also going to take up running soon.

What about your plans and training for next year?

2 thoughts on “The Road to Recovery.

  1. Hi Joshua – Good stuff. Best of luck in your recovery. I'm doing some rehab myself as the result of a rather nasty run-in with a car this past summer on the PA 1000K. Legs have been progressing well. Just had another shoulder surgery this week which adds a dimension. Like you, I hope to be back, strong and riding into Brest in August. I'll check back on your blog to check in on your progress. Best – George

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